• District Library Computer Guidelines

    Library computer guidelines have been created and posted in all libraries, and are as follows according to the Computer Acceptable Use Policy of Highlands School District. Due to limited computer resources, classroom assignments take priority over personal use.

    Acceptable Uses:

    Only one student on each computer unless otherwise directed by a teacher/librarian.

    Students may use computers for classroom assignments

    Students may use computers to type papers, projects, or classroom notes.

    Students may use computers to access the library catalog (OPAC).

    Available computers may be used by students for recreational purposes with the restrictions listed below.


    Unacceptable Uses:

    Personal e-mail, chat rooms, forums, music videos, blogs, ezines (xines), instant messenger.

    Games, game cheats, buying or selling, gambling, accessing pornography or other inappropriate sites.

    Downloading new programs into the computer, changing computer settings, or otherwise adapting the computer.



    Removal from the computer for the day and phone contact with parents.  If the parents cannot be contacted by phone, a letter will be sent home.

    Removal from the computer for two weeks, a letter sent home, and a phone call to parents.

    Referral to the principal/assistant principal. Loss of computer privileges through the building for 9 weeks except for teacher supervised assignments and a parent conference.