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GATE Students Host Reading Restaurant for Families


by Rebecca Mentecky

In October, grades 3-5 students in the Highlands Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program held an event for their families with the help of some older GATE students. Instead of feasting on food, families feasted on the students’ writing and creativity at the Reading Restaurant. Families started the night with "appetizers", also known as four different types of poetry written by the students. That was followed by the "main course", blackout poetry. Each student created five words or phrases to describe themselves and coded it using Makey Makeys. For "dessert", the students chose a children’s book to express their love for their family with an explanation as to why they chose that book.  

GATE students in grades 3-5 who participated in the Reading Restaurant were Sam Kuhn, Aoife Murphy, Cole Robertson, Braylon Williams, JB Hood, Clover Fehir, Mateo Kaminski, Kyra Smith, Avery Dippel, Greyson Monroe, Alexander Lucjak and Eli Medvis.

"I loved seeing the excitement that each student showed as we completed this assignment," said GATE teacher Mrs. Rebecca Mentecky. "Seeing children excited about writing is a joy to behold."  

Thank you to the older students who helped behind the scenes and attended the event: 

Alayna Collins - peer editing, music, art 

Gabby Collins - music 

Emily Terrill - art 

Avery Robinson - music 

Gavin Sommers - technology 

Braden Petit - technology