• Audio-Visual Club

    The High School Audio-Visual Club is made up of students who are interested in being a part of the stage crew or technical crew for events held in the High School auditorium. Students who join the club are given the opportunity to pick an area of interest, including stage crew or technical crew. Once a student has chosen where they would like to be assigned, a brief training is given, and that student will work alongside another student until a comfort level is reached.   

    Major events for students on the stage crew include helping to adjust curtains and move set pieces for the high school fall play and spring musical. Students who choose the technical crew remain in the balcony to operate follow spots, the lighting board, the sound board and video camera. 

    Throughout the school year, high school Audio Visual Club students may also be asked to assist with A-V needs for programs at other schools within the district, and occasionally, outside organizations will rent the high school auditorium for special performances and request the assistance of AV students.   If you are interested in joining the Audio-Visual Club, contact Mr. Morgan.