• Responsibilities & Expectations

    The mission statement of Highlands Middle School describes "a unified community" committed to providing its students with opportunities to achieve a mastery of basic skills, to develop a positive self-image and to foster academic, social and personal growth. We believe the ultimate aim of education is to instill in the individual the fundamental concepts of democracy to contribute to the development of good citizens.

    Therefore, the school agrees to:

    1.  Provide a healthy and safe school environment.
    2.  Assist the development of students' academic, social, aesthetic, emotional and physical skills.
    3.  Provide the student with skills for coping with everyday pressures.
    4.  Encourage students to respect cultural, racial and ethnic differences
    5.  Encourage open communication between the school and the home.
    6.  Stimulate career awareness in students.
    7.  Develop students' decision-making skills.
    8.  Provide the opportunity for students to learn and utilize independent study skills.
    9.  Develop school curriculum and methodology in such a way that individual differences are recognized and provisions are made for each student's personal, social and academic development.
    10. Encourage students to become increasingly self-directing, moving from childhood to self-actuating adolescence.

    The parent/guardian agrees to:

    1.  Require and monitor my child's daily attendance at school
    2.  Encourage my child to have a positive attitude toward school
    3.  Communicate with my child's teachers about his/her educational needs.
    4.  Encourage my child to read, write and practice their work daily.
    5.  Provide a quiet place for homework and study.
    6.  Volunteer in school and attend school meetings, when possible.
    7.  Encourage my child to find activities that promote citizenship, work ethic and healthy lifestyles.
    8.  Respect cultural, racial and ethnic differences.

    The student agrees to:

    1.  Attend school every day.
    2.  Participate in a positive & active way in learning and all school activities.
    3.  Encourage parents/guardians to become part of my educational experience.
    4.  Question, in the appropriate way and at the appropriate time, those parts of my learning that are not understood.
    5.  Take home materials and information needed to complete all assignments.
    6.  Complete homework in a thorough, legible and timely manner.
    7.  Comply with all school rules.
    8.  Respect the personal rights and property of others.
    9.  Respect the cultural, racial and ethnic differences of others.