• Welcome an AFS Exchange Participant
    Into YOUR Family

    Each year, AFS exchanges 11,000 outstanding high school students and teachers from around the world who want to experience what its like to live and study in another country.

    In the U.S. we host more than 2,800 students and teachers from countries as far away as Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Ecuador, and more! Most families have no idea how much theyll gain by sharing their lives with a young person or teacher from another country until they become an AFS Host Family. Imagine what it would be like having an AFS Brother or Sister from another part of the world. You can create a friendship that will last far beyond the time you share together.

    This experience forever changes the lives of not only your family, but so many other people as well. What begins as an exchange of kindness, customs, and culture within a family extends throughout a high school and community to touch thousands of lives.