Science ~ Technology ~ Engineering~ Art ~ Mathematics ~ Medicine
       The Highlands High School STEAMM Academy is a forward-thinking concept in education. By creating a “school within a school”, a cohort of approximately twenty 12th grade honors students are immersed in the applied science and engineering curricula with rigorous classes focused on career pathways in engineering, medicine, technical design, art and the applied sciences. STEAMM students are also afforded opportunities to observe manufacturing, healthcare, design and production operations with partner organizations in the local area to further their understanding “beyond the traditional classroom.”
       The importance of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and Medicine continues to be a high priority in K-12 education and at colleges and universities in both undergraduate and graduate programs. STEAMM education creates critical thinkers, increases literacy, and empowers the next generation of innovators. Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy. Most jobs of the future will require a basic understanding of math and science. Ten-year employment projections by the United States Department of Labor show that of the twenty fastest-growing occupations projected for 2014, fifteen of them require significant mathematics or science preparation (Eberle, 2010).
       Highlands began to advance STEAMM education a few years ago by offering a three credit college-level engineering course to students through Robert Morris University.  Aside from building on mathematics and science fundamentals, students in this course complete a capstone robotics project used for competition in the Western PA Bots IQ. Students must research, conceptualize, and build a full scale mock up of their proposed machine and present their plan to local manufacturing companies who partner with the student teams to machine and fabricate the robot components. This course was the foundation of the STEAMM Academy vision. 

       The Highlands STEAMM Academy embodies the fundamental constructs of 21st Century teaching and learning, including rigor, relevance, and habits of mind that drive life-long learning. Our students are facing significant challenges in a global marketplace. To address these new 21st Century skills, schools must rethink the blueprints used to prepare students to be college and career ready.

       Through required core courses and a designated engineering, medical or technological pathway, Highlands High School STEAMM Academy students may earn 23 credits toward a college degree.