• Illness During School Hours

    A student’s claim of illness does not necessarily justify being excused from class or school.

    Students who claim to be ill must:

    Ask the teacher’s permission to see the nurse, who will determine the degree of illness. If the nurse is not present, the student should report to the office. If a student is sent home from school by the nurse, that day is counted as an attended day of school.

    If necessary, the nurse or member of the office staff (NOT THE STUDENT) will contact the home to arrange for transportation.

    If the parent, a near relative or other designated person cannot be contacted, the student will not be permitted to leave school.

    Parents may request the child’s homework assignments during an extended absence and should make arrangements for the work to be picked up, either by another student or designated adult after a 24 hour notice.

    Parental cooperation regarding absences will ensure the safety and welfare of students and will promote good attendance habits.