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    Highlands K-4 PTO 2019-20
    The administrators and faculty of Highlands Early Childhood Center welcome the activities and efforts of the school’s parent-teacher organization, which provides benefits to our children in the form of materials, equipment and special programs and events.  It also provides parents with the opportunity to become more familiar with the school.   PTO meetings are held each month at the school.  The dates and times will be posted on the website and also in the PTO newsletter.
    2019-20 OFFICERS
    Jamie Mace      jamie.mace24@gmail.com
    Renee Malta     rmaltapto@gmail.com
    Vice Presidents
    Allysa Davenport     mrsbankerman@gmail.com
    Lisa Leasure            lleasurepto@gmail.com
    Recording Secretary
    Megan Zendarski     zendarski@comcast.net
    Heather Koharchik     koharchikpto@gmail.com
    Nicole Kuhn                nkuhnpto@gmail.com
    Mandy Delancey       mandydpto@gmail.com
    Krystle Kilgore           krystlekilgore05@gmail.com
    PTO postcard
    PTO postcard2