• Bus Safety

    We all care deeply about the safety of our students on the school bus.

    As an Early Childhood Center, we are working hard to ensure that students have a clear understanding of what the expectations are on the bus. Daily, teachers review Respectful - Accountable - Motivated - Safe (RAMS) behavior in the classroom and stress bus safety. 

    Please work with us at school to review bus safety. Students should:

    1. Sit in their seats, on their bottoms, facing forward.
    2. Keep their bodies and belongings to themselves.
    3. Use an appropriate, partner voice.

    Remember that bus transportation is a privilege. Misbehavior on a school bus or van may result in the removal of the student from the bus.  Parents / guardians will be notified of bus misbehavior.  Parents/guardians must provide transportation to and from school during a Bus Suspension.  Absence from school on a day of bus suspensions will result in an illegal absence. 

    Video cameras are installed on all Highlands buses.  Video recordings will be reviewed periodically by building principals to assure the safe and orderly transport of students.


    Bus Evacuation Drills

    The purpose of school bus evacuation drills is to have the bus driver and each student know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.  Emergencies may occur because of fires or accidents, and in every instance the school bus driver will give the evacuation instructions.  If the bus driver is unable to carry out his duties, a predesignated student should assume the leadership to carry out the drill.  The two evacuation drills are scheduled during the school year by the Director of Transportation.