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TAKE NOTE: High School Cell Phone Procedures for 2019-20

According to SB Policy 237, Highlands School Board authorizes student possession of cell phones and other personal electronic devices, such as calculators, laptop computers, handheld computers, cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones, tablets or any other devices designed to communicate, create or store information. While the district does not prohibit bringing these devices to school, the district does not recommend it. Students assume all risks of damage, theft, loss or misuse of such devices.


Students may only be permitted to utilize such devices in the classroom with the consent of the teacher. Otherwise, upon entering the classroom, students are to place all cell phone devices in the specifically assigned area of the room.


Violations of this policy by a student shall result in the following disciplinary action and confiscation of the item:


First Violation - Phone may be picked up at the end of the school day by the student.

Second Violation - Phone must be picked up by a parent/guardian.

Third or more Violation - Phone will be kept for the remainder of the semester and/or school year.

Any disruption due to these devices will result in disciplinary action.


 Students are expected to use all devices responsibly.

 Students are prohibited from making calls or FaceTimes on their personal devices during the day. Students that need to make phone calls may do so from the office.

 Students are prohibited from wearing headphones at any point during the day.

 Students are prohibited from posting pictures and/or negative comments about other students/staff during school time (this includes the bus ride to and from school) that disrupts the normal function of the school day. Failure to comply with this directive will result in disciplinary action.

 Irresponsible use of cell phone technology and/or electronics will result in disciplinary action and confiscation of the device.

 Items may be given to the front office for safe keeping during the school day. Students are responsible for their belongings at all times. The school district is not responsible for any loss or theft of items.


NOTE: If a student refuses to turn over a prohibited item, he/she will be immediately referred to a principal or Dean of Students for disciplinary action.


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