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Science Students Create Compost Pile

science compost



Students in Mr. Matthew Sespico’s 12th grade Natural Resources and Production Technologies class are learning first-hand how to create healthy, enriched soil through composting.
The students have been gathering the fallen autumn leaves around the school grounds for a compost pile that they started near the rear wooded area of the High School campus. “I bring rakes, tarps and mower from home and students gather, transport and shred leaves for perfect compost chemistry,” said Mr. Sespico. Students then gather food scraps from their homes and HHS cafeteria to add to the mix. 
As compost is generated over the winter months, students will study the carbon and nitrogen cycles, and measure thermal energy created by the decomposition process. The compost will be added to the High School’s courtyard and/or greenhouse in the spring.
Natural Resources is an elective for Seniors where they learn about producing energy from conventional energy sources (coal, oil, and natural gas) as well as alternative energies including biofuels, solar, wind and water.



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