• Emergency Closings & Delays

    The decision to delay starting times, to cancel school, or to dismiss students early because of weather factors or other emergencies is based solely on the safety and welfare of students. These situations necessarily require the understanding and cooperation of parents.

    Parents who are not ordinarily at home at times of morning delays, school cancellations, or early dismissals should make arrangements at the start of the school year for their children to be supervised at home, or for them to report to a pre-arranged, safe place when such an emergency occurs.

    The emergency procedure is as follows:

    1. Announcements of school emergencies will be broadcast on local radio and TV stations, the phone call alert system, the district’s mobile app and website, www.goldenrams.com, Facebook and Twitter.

    2. On a two-hour delay, starting times at schools and bus pick-up times will be adjusted accordingly for K-12 students. Parents of Pre-K students will be informed of the delay procedures at the beginning of the school year.

    3. Early dismissals due to an emergency will be ordered only when absolutely necessary.

    4. Please do not call the schools. This procedure will always be followed. Additional information or changes during a particular emergency will be broadcast if necessary.