• Here are some questions you can ask your child about their reading.                                     

    Before reading:                                                                                                                                              

    *What characters do you think might be in the book?

    *Looking at the title, cover, and illustrations/pictures, what do you think will happen in this book? 

    *What do you already know about the topic of this book?

    *Do you think there will be a problem in the story? Why? 

    During reading: 

    *What has happened so far in the story? 

    *What do you predict will happen next?

    *How do you think the story will end? 

    *How would you feel if you were the character?

    *What are you wondering about as you read? What questions do you have? 

    After reading:

    *Why is the title a good title for the book/story? 

    *If there was a problem, did it get solved? How did the character try and solve the problem? 

    *Why do you think the author wrote this book/story?

    *What was your favorite part? Why?

    *Does the book remind you of another book you know?