• Code of Conduct Definitions

    Bullying: Children being bullied need and deserve adult intervention and help. Without intervention the problem will not go away. Highlands School District’s definition of bullying is repeated and unwanted negative actions towards another child.

    Bus Misconduct: Misbehavior on a school bus or van may result in the removal of the student from the vehicle for a minimum of three days and a maximum of the rest of the school year for severe or continuing offenses.  With a bus suspension, parents/guardians must provide transportation to and from school. Absence from school on a day of bus suspensions will result in an illegal absence. Parents / guardians will be notified of bus misbehavior.

    • 1st offense = a written warning
    • 2nd offense= 3 day bus suspension
    • 3rd offense = 6 day bus suspension
    • 4th offense= 9 day bus suspension
    • 5th offense= 45 day bus suspension
    • 6th offense= removal from bus for the duration of school year

    Cafeteria Misconduct: Inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria including, but not limited to, failure to clean up after themselves, throwing/spilling food, out of seat without permission, and using unsafe voice levels. 

    Cheating/Plagiarism: Deliberate copying of another person’s work.  Student will receive a zero for the assignment.

    Defiance and Lack of Respect: Students who fail to respond to adult requests, say “no”, ignore or act out are demonstrating defiance and or lack of respect.

    Dress Code: Decisions about appropriateness of dress, including jewelry, will be made by the building principal. Parent may be required to supply a change in attire.  

    Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco - See the District Policy

    Fighting / Physical Altercation/Assault: A physical altercation is an unsafe physical act such as pushing, kicking or shoving. A fight occurs when two or more students are involved in hitting, punching, kicking, or other aggressive actions. If a child chooses to retaliate, he/she has chosen to participate in the fight. An assault is defined as a violent physical or verbal attack intended to injure another person. The difference between an assault and a fight is that in an assault, the victim does not participate or retaliate.

    Harassment: Harassment includes derogatory racial, ethnic and/or sexual remarks, and personal intimidation.

    Inappropriate/Prohibited Materials: Items including but not limited to: cell phones, Pokemon or other trading cards, gaming and electronic devices, fireworks, matches, shell casings, toy weapons, etc.

    Leaving the Building: Leaving the school building without permission is very serious. Police and parents will be notified immediately.

    Profanity/Inappropriate/Abusive Language: The use of profanity and/or abusive or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.  Profanity involves vulgar speech and/or actions.  Abusive language involves ethnic, religious, racial and/or sexual slurs.  Inappropriate language includes substitute curse words and put downs.

    Theft: Student is in possession of, having passed on, or is responsible for removing someone else’s property or has signed a person’s name without that person’s permission.

    Threats: Threats are defined as an act or reference to do bodily harm. Threatening another student or staff member verbally or physically is intolerable, and is considered severe in nature.

    Vandalism: Vandalism is the damage and/or defacing of school property. The normal repair and maintenance of school equipment and buildings is a costly item in the school budget.  When school property is damaged or destroyed through vandalism, it is inconvenient for students and staff of the affected building and places an unfair burden on the taxpayer. Parents are financially responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if the damage has been done deliberately.

    Weapons: See the District Policy