• School Breakfast and Lunch Program

    Highlands will continue to offer FREE breakfast and lunch for all students.


    In 2014, Highlands School District was approved as a district-wide free food program through the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act passed in 2010.  Our community’s eligibility allows all students to receive free breakfast and lunch items that appear on the school’s monthly menu calendar. The purpose of this legislation and the program at Highlands is to improve overall student health by providing nutritious, healthy food.

    Students who pack their lunch and wish to purchase milk will have to pay $0.65.  The “My SchoolBucks” accounts will still be used to charge students for such purchases. SchoolBucks balances will carry over from last year.  Parents will not need to fill out a Free or Reduced Lunch Application.

    This same legislation is the catalyst for improving nutritional guidelines in the Highlands cafes, resulting in meals with lower sodium, less fat and less added sugars. More fruits, vegetables and whole grains have been introduced to students in the lunch room.

    ASK YOUR CHILD: What did you eat today? Did you try anything new? What vegetable or fruit were you offered? What drink did you have? Children’s nutrition and diet drives more than just their health and physical attributes. It also keeps their brains in high gear, allowing them to remain more focused and learn more! Please encourage your child to ditch the brown bag and jump in line for a nutritious and delicious meal in our café!

    QUESTIONS? Contact Stacey Waffensmith, Food Services Director, at 724-226-2400, ext. 4180.