• Pre-K Program

    Screening & Assessment

    Our Pre-K Counts program uses a variety of tools to screen and assess students.  If your child is enrolled, their teacher will perform a developmental screeing at the beginning of the year called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire.  There are 2 parts that include social/emotional development and cognitive/motor development.  If you child shows a delay in an area(s), your teacher to refer them for further evaluation with the county intervention agency, DART of the AIU (Allegheny Intermediate Unit). They will be able to determine if your child qualifies for developmental support in the classroom.  
    Throughout the year, your child will be accessed with several methods such as obsevation, student performance, portfolios, grant checklist, report cards. These items will be shared with parents.  Report cards are issued every 9 weeks (4 times a year). Parents and guardians will also have the opportunity to participate in a parent-teacher conference in November as well. Finally, in May your child will be screened by their teacher for Kindergarten (if they are moving on).