• RAMS Program
    What is RAMS?
    RAMS Highlands School District promotes a district-wide philosophy supported by procedures and policies that contribute to the uprising of a generation of "RAMS for Life". 
    We expect our students to be Respectful, Accountable, Motivated and Safe (RAMS) individuals, and will only accept behaviors and attitudes reflecting those qualities in the classroom, on the playground, during free time, and while participating in activities.
    The administration, teachers, and support staff teach students by example what respectful, accountable, motivated and safe behavior looks like in our educational environment. A large portion of this philosophy depends on discipline, policy enforcement and community cooperation.
    We believe in our students, and we believe that adopting the "RAMS for Life" personal philosophy will result in success after students leave the district and pursue their adult lives. Parents should encourage these characteristics at home and require that your child exhibit positive behavior while at school.