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Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year at HECC!

Dear HECC Families,

First, I want to express that we are very excited to welcome your children into our building. This will be the first step in fostering a love of learning while supporting your child’s social, emotional, and academic goals. We believe in providing a high-quality, comprehensive education for all students. This occurs through the partnership between school, home, and community. It is vital that your children attend school each day. Please also ensure your child is well rested and prepared.

For the first day of school, please send your child with a bookbag. Within the bookbag, place seasonally-appropriate change of clothes in the event of an accident. Also, place a nametag on your child’s shirt and within the bookbag.

Teachers will be utilizing the I Pad to provide high-quality instruction within the classroom. The device will be stored within the classroom and charged at school. Our early childhood programming will not require evening assignments on the device; however, devices will be sent home in the event of anticipated inclement weather.

Our district provides breakfast and lunch at no cost to families. The menu is found on the website ( Breakfast is served from 8:20-8:45 each morning.If packing your child’s lunch, pack items that are easy to open and accessible.

In addition,school begins each day at 8:55 am. It is very important for your child to attend daily. However, in the event of an absence, the district has created a school attendance email address to be utilized when your child is not in school. Parent and doctor excuses can be emailed to State law mandates only 10 parent excuses may be submitted within an academic year.

During the first several days, please be patient with bussing. Drop off and pick up times may be delayed as we streamline transportation schedules. If your child is scheduled to ride a bus and you would like to pick them up from school, you must send in a note. Otherwise, your child will be put on their assigned bus. If your child is a car drop off or pick up, you will enter the side parking lot. Please stay in a single line within your vehicle until you reach the front of the line in order to keep the process moving. Your child will enter the building through Door #3. 

Please complete all necessary paperwork (Emergency Contact Form, Handbook Acknowledgement, etc.) sent in your child’s folder. It is crucial we receive this important information to add to your child’s file. Read the Student / Parent Handbook thoroughly. Be advised our policy does not permit open containers to be brought into the school. Empty water bottles may be sent in your child’s bookbag and filled during the school day. In addition, hats, hoodies, earbuds, etc. cannot be worn in school.

Finally, teachers will be explicitly teaching procedures and RAMS (Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, Safe) expectations during the first weeks of school. Please ask your child about their day and provide opportunities for them to share.

Again, please do not hesitate to communicate questions or concerns. We are looking forward to an AMAZING year!

Kristie Gizienski, Principal