• Directions for Enrollment
    Enrollment: Full Time. 
    Full time students complete all their academic and elective courses online.  It is the expectation of Highlands School District that all full time HVA students complete their work off site and do not physically report to Highlands’ facilities with the exception of scheduled office and support hours with subject area instructors as needed. 

    Enrollment: Hybrid Schedule/Credit Recovery.  Hybrid Schedule and Credit Recovery students complete the bulk of their academic classes at Highlands High School.  HVA classes in this instance supplement student current curriculum, relieve schedule conflicts, or allow an opportunity for students to recover credit for failed classes.

    1. The first step of HVA Enrollment is to contact your student’s School Counselor to determine if HVA is an appropriate placement for your grade 7 – 12 student. A review of the student’s academic and discipline record will be conducted to assess possible enrollment.

           Issues that would disqualify a student from HVA enrollment:

    • Enrollment in HVA will not allow the student the opportunity to earn required credits and/or to meet graduation requirements in a timely fashion.
    • Available course options do not match a student’s career focus and/or special interests
    • Poor record of past academic performance
    • Previous unsuccessful enrollments in HVA
    • Disciplinary concerns, including students with pending disciplinary matters and/or for students who entered into legally binding agreements with the district in lieu of formal expulsion
    • Excessive unexcused absences
    1. When required a student’s special education roster teacher will be contacted to verify that appropriate supports are available to ensure successful participation in HVA courses. The students IEP and NOREP must be updated before they can be enrolled in HVA as it represents a change in placement.


    1. If HVA is determined to be the appropriate placement the appropriate school administrator will be contacted for final approval


    1. The HVA coordinator will set up the student’s Edgenuity account and input classes. At this time you or your student may be contacted to select electives or inquire about class changes if necessary.


    1. Once a student’s account is setup parents/guardians and newly enrolled students will be required attend an HVA orientation meeting. The HVA Coordinator will contact you to set up a meeting.


    1. Once a student officially enrolls in HVA, they are expected to remain enrolled in the program for at least one nine weeks grading period, discipline or academic progress concerns notwithstanding. At the interim and end of each nine-weeks grading period, the student’s performance will be reviewed by the HVA staff. If deemed necessary, the Highlands Virtual Academy staff may request a meeting with both the parent/guardian, student, and appropriate guidance and administration staff to discuss the student’s placement within HVA. Students who are non-compliant with HVA course, performance, or attendance requirements are subject to a schedule or placement change.
    School Counselors:
    • Dr. Susie Gurrera - High School, School Counselor for Last Names Beginning with A-G
    •  Mrs. Carrarini - High School, School Counselor for Last Names Beginning with H-N
    • Mrs. Skwortz - High School, School Counselor for Last Names Beginning with O-Z
    •  Mr. Chuck Rhoads - Middle School, School Counselor for Grades 7 – 8