• Welcome to the Highlands Virtual Academy 2020 - 2020

    The Highlands Virtual Academy (HVA) is an exciting, engaging, online learning environment that is designed to capture your child’s attention and draw them into the interactive world of web-based education. The Highlands School District partnered with Waterfront Learning offers Highlands Virtual Academy 7-12 on the Edgenuity platform and K - 6 on the Accelerate platform.

    The Highlands Virtual Academy provides students with access to online educational opportunities and while maintaining the ability to participate in a wide range of district extracurricular activities.  HVA offers flexible learning and is supported by Highlands’ own certified and highly qualified professional teaching staff.


    Highlands School District Mission Statement

    The mission of the Highlands School District is to create a quality, caring educational environment and to develop academic, vocational and social programs that will enable students to achieve their highest potential in personal growth; and that the family, the community, business and industry will share in the responsibility to prepare students to function as effective citizens in an ever-changing global community.

  • HVA Handbook Wiki Contents


    Mission Statement  

    Virtual Academy Staff  

    Enrollment Procedure 

                    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities  



                    Internet Access 

    Computer and Network Use Guidelines

                    Terms and Conditions


                    Consequences for Inappropriate Use

    Attendance Policy

    Success in HVA

    Grading Policy

    Requirements for Graduation

    Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism

    Appropriate Behaviors/Language


    Health Records / Screenings


    Athletics / Extra Curricular Activities

    PSSA / Keystone Exams

    Guidance Services

    Senior HVA Students

    HVA Readiness Questionnaire

    HVA Pre-Enrollment Meeting Form

    Agreement for Use of School Property

    HVA Equipment Inventory Sheet

    WIU / HSD Internet Acceptable Use Policy

    WIU / HSD Acceptable Use Agreement

    Terms to Know

  • Highlands Virtual Academy Staff

    • Mr. Shawn Cressler – Highlands Virtual Academy Coordinator

    High School Administrators

    • Shawn Bennis - Highlands High School Principal (Grades 9 – 10)
    • Mr. Charlie Mort - Highlands High School Principal (Grades 11 – 12)
    • Mr. Nam Phan - Highlands High School Dean of Students

    High School Counselors

    • Dr. Susie Gurrera - High School, School Counselor for Last Names Beginning with A-G
    • Mrs. Beth Carrarini - High School, School Counselor for Last Names Beginning with H-N
    • Mrs. Marilyn Skwortz - High School, School Counselor for Last Names Beginning with O-Z

    Middle School Administrators

    • Dr. Kimberly Price – Highlands Middle School Principal
    • Ms. Becky Bragan – Highlands Middle School Assistant Principal
    • Mr. Michael Toole – Highlands Middle School Dean of Students

    Middle School Counselors

    • Mr. Chuck Rhoads - Middle School, School Counselor for Grades 7 – 8
    • Mrs. Julie Seitz-Allman – Middle School, School Counselor for Grades 5 – 6
  • Enrollment Procedures

    Successful participation in The Highlands Virtual Academy requires enrolled students to be highly motivated, self-disciplined, independent learners with basic computer skills, and the ability to consistently work online for several hours a day. Students must be able to manage their time and work productively in a less structured learning environment, often with less individual assistance and support when compared to a traditional class at Highlands Middle or High School. 

    Only students currently enrolled as students in the Highlands School District are eligible to participate in Highlands Virtual Academy.  Please make sure you complete enrollment forms and submit records to the appropriate school before inquiring about Highlands Virtual Academy.


    Enrollment: Full Time. 

    Full time students complete all their academic and elective courses online.  It is the expectation of Highlands School District that all full time HVA students complete their work off site and do not physically report to Highlands’ facilities with the exception of scheduled office and support hours with subject area instructors as needed. 


    Enrollment: Hybrid Schedule/Credit Recovery.  Hybrid Schedule and Credit Recovery students complete the bulk of their academic classes at Highlands High School.  HVA classes in this instance supplement student current curriculum, relieve schedule conflicts, or allow an opportunity for students to recover credit for failed classes.


    1. The first step of HVA Enrollment is to contact your student’s guidance counselor to determine if HVA is an appropriate placement for your grade 7 – 12 student. A review of the student’s academic and discipline record will be conducted.


           Issues that would disqualify a student from HVA enrollment:

    • Enrollment in HVA will not allow the student the opportunity to earn required credits and/or to meet graduation requirements in a timely fashion.
    • Available course options do not match a student’s career focus and/or special interests
    • Poor record of past academic performance
    • Previous unsuccessful enrollments in HVA
    • Disciplinary concerns, including students with pending disciplinary matters and/or for students who entered into legally binding agreements with the district in lieu of formal expulsion
    • Excessive unexcused absences


    1. When required a student’s special education roster teacher will be contacted to verify that appropriate supports are available to ensure successful participation in HVA courses. The students IEP and NOREP must be updated before they can be enrolled in HVA as it represents a change in placement.


    1. If HVA is determined to be the appropriate placement the appropriate school administrator will be contacted for final approval


    1. The HVA coordinator will set up the student’s Edgenuity account and input classes. At this time you or your student may be contacted to select electives or inquire about class changes if necessary.


    1. Once a student’s account is setup parents/guardians and newly enrolled students will be required attend an HVA orientation meeting. The HVA Coordinator will contact you to set up a meeting.


    1. Once a student officially enrolls in HVA, they are expected to remain enrolled in the program for at least one nine weeks grading period, discipline or academic progress concerns notwithstanding. At the interim and end of each nine-weeks grading period, the student’s performance will be reviewed by the HVA staff. If deemed necessary, the Highlands Virtual Academy staff may request a meeting with both the parent/guardian, student, and appropriate guidance and administration staff to discuss the student’s placement within HVA. Students who are non-compliant with HVA course, performance, or attendance requirements are subject to a schedule or placement change.


    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    1. The Parent/Guardian will maintain a home learning environment that supports academic progress including monitoring attendance and reporting any barriers to learning or student’s ability to perform.
    2. All district property will be used for educational purposes ONLY.
    3. The Parent/Guardian will take steps to ensure Highlands School District property is being used EXCLUSIVELY by the student who has been issued the computer and related equipment.
    4. The Parent/Guardian will designate a primary contact for the purposes of communicating with Waterfront Learning Staff and Highlands School District Staff.
    5. The Parent/Guardian will monitor student performance and ensure the student contacts Highlands Virtual Coordinator to report technical difficulties when progress appears to be stalled.
    6. The Parent/Guardian will refrain from attempting to make repairs to district property and will contact Highlands Virtual Academy Coordinator to report technology concerns.
    7. When in attendance at school events and participating in online studies, students will abide by all district policies and adhere to the Highlands School District’s Code of Student Conduct.
    8. The student and Parent/Guardian will handle district property responsibly and will return all district property when requested by Highlands School District.
    9. The student will meet or exceed all expectations for minimum login time.



    Email is the main form of communication used between the HVA Coordinator and the parents/guardians and students. It is used to send out pertinent information regarding student progress and all updates related to the HVA. All parents and students must have a working email account and check it regularly.

    Students should communicate with Highlands Teachers and Waterfront Learning staff in a positive and appropriate manner at all times.

    Students will be warned one time about improper communication and could be removed from cyber academy if improper communication reoccurs.


    Internet / Equipment

    1. Full Time HVA Students with accompanying signatures for Parents/Guardians may sign out a laptop computer and a MIFI unit when needed from HVA to allow them to participate in their online learning opportunities. Students and Parents/Guardians assume responsibility for the signed out equipment and will be billed for damages or losses incurred under your care.  ALL laptops and equipment must be returned to Highlands School District at the end of the school year or within 5 days of a student leaving the HVA program.


    1. Equipment loans are not available hybrid or credit recovery students.


    1. If you are using your own equipment to access HVA learning materials it is vital to maintain your computer and to keep the software up-to-date. Your computer will need the following up to date software/plugins: Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickTime Player, Shockwave Player, and Java.


    1. Participation in HVA implies that students are in agreement with and expected to adhere to the Highlands School District/WIU Internet Acceptable Use Policy.


    Internet Access

    MIFI devices are available if the student does not have Internet in the home. The MIFI should be used for school purposes only. Text Messaging is not allowed on the MIFI devices (if charges do occur the parent/student will be responsible)

  • Computer and Network Use Guidelines

    Computer Use – Terms and Conditions

    The purpose of the Highlands School District Network and associated Internet resources is to support research and education by providing access to unique resources with the opportunity for collaborative work.  The use of all accounts associated with Highlands School District must be in support of education and research and consistent with the educational objectives, philosophy, and goals of the Highlands School District.  Use of other organizations’ network or computer resources must comply with the rules appropriate for the network. Transmission of any material in violation of any national or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material or material protected by trade secret.


    System administrators and classroom instructors may access user files as required to protect the integrity of computer systems and for academic purposes. For example, following organizational guidelines, system administrators may access or examine files or accounts that are suspected of unauthorized use or misuse or that have been corrupted, damaged or need to be updated. Files may be subject to search under court order.


    Possible examples of misuse include but are not limited to:


    1. Using the network for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other contract.
    2. Using the network for financial or commercial gain.
    3. Degrading or disrupting equipment, software or system performance.
    4. Wastefully using finite resources.
    5. Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities.
    6. Invading the privacy of individuals.
    7. Using an account owned by another user or allowing another user to use your account.
    8. Posting personal communications without the original author's consent.
    9. Posting anonymous messages.
    10. Downloading, storing, printing or distributing files or messages that contain information considered dangerous to the public at large.
    11. Vandalizing the data of another user, any computer hardware, peripherals or structural cabling system.
    12. Knowingly running or installing on any computer system or network, or giving to another user, a program intended to damage or to place excessive load on a computer system or network.
    13. Attempting to circumvent data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes.
    14. Using electronic mail to harass others.
    15. Masking the identity of an account or machines.
    16. Posting on electronic bulletin boards materials that violate existing laws or the school district policy and procedures.
    17. Any unauthorized user attempting to monitor or tamper with another user's electronic communications or reading, copying, changing or deleting another user's files or software without the explicit agreement of the owner.



    If an authorized user can identify a security problem on either the Highlands School District networks or the Internet resources, the user must notify the system administrator. Problems should not be demonstrated to other users. Any user identified as a security risk or having a history of problems with other computer systems may be denied access to local networks and the Internet.


    Consequences for Inappropriate Use:

    The network user shall be responsible for damages to the equipment, systems or software resulting from deliberate or willful acts. Disciplinary action will be in accordance with district policy and/or the Crimes Code of PA, Section 3933.



    Highlands School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing and is not responsible for any personal costs incurred. Highlands School District will not be responsible for any damages suffered. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non---deliveries, mis---deliveries, and interruptions caused by its own negligence or personal errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at the user's risk. Highlands School District specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained.

  • Attendance Policy

    The HVA is required to monitor student attendance in accordance with state law.  Responsibility for compliance with state school attendance laws rests with to the parents/guardians, but the Highlands School District is obligated to keep an accurate record of daily attendance. The HVA Coordinator and the Highlands School District Attendance Officer will monitor student attendance regularly. For more information about truancy, please refer to the goldenrams.com website or contact the Highlands School District Attendance Officer.


    Students enrolled in HVA as Full Time students must log in during every scheduled school day based upon the Highlands School District calendar and complete a minimum of three hours of learning activities (see: Active Time.)  Early dismissals, two – hour delays, and half days do not affect the required minimum three hours of learning activities (see: Active Time.) HVA Students are not required to log on during scheduled days off, Act 80 days, in-service days, and cancellations of school due to inclement weather and/or other emergencies.  HVA students will be required log in on the scheduled make-up day(s) when applicable.


    Idle time, time when a student is logged on to the Edgenuity system but not completing learning activities, does not count towards a student’s daily required 3.0 hours minimum.  Students will accrue some idle time during the course of their school day it is unavoidable, 20 minutes of Idle time during a 3 hour period is the maximum acceptable amount.  Anything beyond twenty minutes will be deducted from the total time logged for the school day. Excessive Idle Time can result in student absences.


    Time spent reviewing previously viewed instructional videos or studying eNotes will accrue idle time and does not count towards a student’s required 3.0 hours of active time.  Students in traditional classes devote time outside of the classroom towards studying and reviewing material.  The same is expected of HVA students.


    HVA students can complete learning activities at any time (e.g. weekends, holidays, etc.) This is one of the inherent advantages of the HVA program, students have the opportunity to learn and work on curriculum 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They are not limited to Monday through Friday from 7:40 AM to 2:34PM.  However, learning activities completed on a non-school day will count towards course completion, but not toward attendance for the scheduled school calendar days.


    If an HVA student fails to complete three hours total of learning activities on a scheduled school day the student will be marked absent. For example on any time logged from 12:00AM Midnight to 11:59PM on a scheduled school day will count for that day’s attendance.


    A medical excuse is required for three or more days of absence in a row due to illness or any absences after a total of 10 excused absences for the school year.  A written or digital excuse for any HVA absence must be submitted to the HVA Coordinator with in three days of the absence.


    Parents/Guardians of students experiencing technical difficulties should contact the HVA Coordinator within 24 hours to report the issue.  Failure to contact HVA within 24 hours will result in unexcused absence(s). 


    If a Full Time HVA student is not completing a minimum three hours of learning activities on each scheduled school day the following will occur:


    1. The HVA Coordinator or designated staff member calls/emails home and informs parent/guardian that the student failed to log the minimum required time.
    2. If an HVA student fails to complete the required minimum three hours of learning activities five days consecutively the student’s HVA account will be locked and remain locked until the student’s parent/guardian contacts the HVA Coordinator to convene a meeting to address student absences and performance. The Highlands School District Attendance Officer, Guidance Counselors and Administrators may be asked to participate in this meeting depending on circumstances.
    3. HVA students with repeated absences, an account lock out, or truancy filings may be removed from the HVA and returned to traditional classes.
    4. HVA students who accrue 10 consecutive unexcused absences will be summarily dropped from Highlands’ attendance rolls and notice will be mailed to the parent/guardians.


    Course Extensions: Students with unexcused absences will under no circumstances be granted course extensions.  Students with properly documented absences maybe be permitted extensions on a case by case basis.


    Success in HVA

    Use the following chart to determine the minimum amount of hours each week required by the Highlands Virtual Academy in order to be successful in completing course assignments.


    The required minimum of 3.0 hours of active time daily in HVA is for attendance purposes only.  Completing only three hours is likely not enough for the average student to succeed academically HVA students should expect to complete 3 to 5 hours daily on HVA course work.


                1 HVA class = 4 hours per week

                2 HVA classes = 8 hours per week

                3 HVA classes = 12 hours per week

                4 HVA classes = 16 hours per week

                5 HVA classes = 20 hours per week

                6 HVA classes = 24 hours per week

                7 HVA classes = 28 hours per week

                8 HVA classes = 32 hours per week


    HVA students have the option to take notes during learning activities. eNotes may be accessed during quizzes and assignments. It is recommended that HVA students utilize eNotes function instead of taking pen and paper notes.    


    Grading Policy

    Parents/Guardians of students (e.g. Full Time/Hybrid/Credit Recovery) enrolled in the HVA program can opt to receive progress reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis through an automated email system Interim reports are mailed home at the mid-point of each grading period. HVA students will receive a Highlands High School or Middle School report card at the end of every nine weeks grading period.  Student grades on assignments, quizzes, tests and other graded materials will not be accessible via Power School.  Student grades on individual graded activities will only be available via Edgenuity.


    The Highlands Virtual Academy follows the district-wide grading scale:                    

                A         90% - 100%

                B         80% - 89%

                C         70% - 79%

                D         60% - 69%

                F          0% - 59%


    Requirements for Graduation

    1. Graduation Requirements: Graduation requirements are based on the standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Highlands School District Board of Directors and Administration.Graduating students must have demonstrated proficiency in the following areas: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Environment and Ecology, as determined through successful completion of secondary level coursework in English Literature, Algebra I and Biology in which a Keystone Exam serves as end of course test.  Every student must successfully complete one credit of English, math, science and social studies each year.  Currently, the minimum 24.5 credits required for graduation and participation in commencement exercises are:


    • English - 4 credits
    • Social Studies - 4 credits
    • Mathematics - 4 credits
    • Science - 4 credits
    • Electives - 4 credits
    • PE/Health/Aquatics - 2.5 credits
    • Arts/Humanities - 2 credits


    1. The Mentor / Portfolio Program: All students must successfully complete the Highlands High School Mentor / Portfolio Program as a requirement for graduation. Mentor assignments, community service hours, and career preparation activities will be included in the portfolio. Prior to graduation, each senior will present his/her portfolio to a small portfolio committee.


    1. Keystone Exams: All students must take the state-mandated series of Keystone tests and achieve a passing score in the Proficient range on each test to fulfill this graduation requirement. Students who receive an unsatisfactory score on any of the tests will be required to demonstrate proficiency through completion of coursework and retesting or a state approved project based assessment.


    In order to participate in Commencement Exercises, a senior must have completed all graduation requirements prior to Commencement.  Once students have successfully completed all requirements for graduation, they will have officially concluded their educational program at Highlands High School and will be graduated.

  • Academic Conduct

    Academic Dishonesty / Plagiarism

    Plagiarism is defined as taking or imitating the ideas, thoughts or language of another to represent them as one’s original work. It is imperative that all work submitted by a student be representative of their own ideas, thoughts, and especially language capability. Therefore, plagiarism is strictly prohibited in all work pertaining to school. A grade of zero will be awarded for any submitted work which is found to be the work of another (student, author, reference material, internet, etc.) and subsequent offenses will be dealt with accordingly. If the ideas, thoughts, or language from another source must be used in the work being done, it is the student’s responsibility to cite the information appropriately. 


    It is quite easy for HVA Instructors to check for plagiarism. If you found your answer on the Internet they can too.  Avoid cutting and pasting answers at all cost.


    Appropriate Behaviors / Language

    HVA students shall not use obscene, profane, vulgar, rude, threatening, or disrespectful language toward the Highlands Virtual Academy or Waterfront Learning staff or as part of required learning activities (e.g. email/assignments/journals/essays.) Students using offensive language or engaging in inappropriate behavior will receive one warning, any additional occurrences will result in the student’s removal from HVA. 


    Please be mindful that although, the Edgenuity system automatically issues a grade for completed short answer and essay assignments, each answer is subsequently reviewed by the course’s instructor.

  • Anti-Bullying

    HSD Policy 249: The Highlands School District is committed to providing all students and employees with the right to a safe and civil educational environment, free from harassment or bullying. Highlands School District recognizes that bullying interferes with the learning process, and may present an obstacle to the academic, vocational, and social/emotional development of students.

    Bullying shall mean a pattern of repeated harmful behavior by a person with more physical or social power toward a less powerful person. This may include a wide variety of behaviors, with deliberate intent to hurt, embarrass, or humiliate the other person. Researchers have identified four (4) forms of bullying:

    1. Physical – the most commonly known form; includes hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing and taking personal belongings.


    1. Verbal – includes taunting, malicious teasing, name-calling, and making threats.


    1. Psychological or Relational – involves spreading rumors, manipulating social relationships, and engaging in social exclusion or intimidation.


    1. Cyberbullying – forms of verbal and psychological bullying may also occur on the Internet through e-mail, instant messaging, or personal profile web sites such as My-Space. Cyberbullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another student, teacher or employee of the district by sending or posting inappropriate or derogatory e-mail messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures or images, or web site postings (including blogs). All forms of cyberbullying are unacceptable and, to the extent that such actions are disruptive of the educational process of the district, offenders shall be the subject of appropriate discipline.


    Bullying shall mean unwelcome verbal, written or physical conduct directed at a student by another student that has the intent of or effect of:

    1. Physically, emotionally or mentally harming a student.


    1. Damaging, extorting or taking a student’s personal property.


    1. Placing a student in reasonable fear of physical, emotional or mental harm.


    1. Placing a student in reasonable fear of damage to or loss of personal property.


    1. Creating an intimidating or hostile environment that substantially interferes with a student’s educational opportunities.


    The term bullying and cyberbullying shall not be interpreted to infringe upon a student’s right to engage in legally protected speech or conduct.


    It shall be a violation of this policy for any student to bully another student on district grounds, at any school activity, or on the way to or from school.


    Bullying may include acts that occur outside of the school if those acts are intentional, electronic, verbal or physical, are directed at another student or students, are severe, persistent or pervasive, and have the effect of (i) substantially interfering with a student’s education; (ii) creating a threatening environment; or (iii) substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.


    Each staff member shall be responsible to maintain an educational environment free of bullying and cyberbullying.


    Each staff member shall be responsible to respect the rights of his/her fellow students and to ensure an atmosphere free from all forms of bullying and cyberbullying.


    Students shall be encouraged to report bullying or cyberbullying complaints to district employees.


    All employees who receive a bullying or cyberbullying complaint shall investigate to determine if bullying or cyberbullying has occurred. If the behavior is found to meet the definition of bullying or cyberbullying, written documentation must be submitted to the building principal.


    The building principal or his/her designee will inform parents/guardians of the victim and person accused.


    This policy shall be available on the district’s web site, shall be posted in every classroom and in a prominent location in every school building where notices are posted.


    This policy shall be reviewed with students within ninety (90) days of its adoption and each school year thereafter.


    This policy shall be reviewed every year.


    A copy of this policy, a report of incidents of bullying, and any information relating to bulling prevention, intervention and education programs shall be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education Office of Safe Schools as part of the district’s annual report.


    Investigation Procedures

    1. A student shall report a complaint of bullying or cyberbullying, orally or in writing, to the teachers, building administrator, or counselor.


    1. The building administrator will investigate the alleged conduct that occurred.


    1. The building administrator may ask assistance from other district employees in the investigation process.


    1. After the investigation, the building principal or designee shall be notified in writing of the complaint and the results of the investigation and shall take corrective action to ensure that the conduct ceases.



    Consequences for students who bully others will be subject to disciplinary options that may include counseling, a parent/guardian conference, detention, suspension or other consequences as provided in the Code of Student Conduct.



    The Highlands School District recognizes that both the complaining student and the alleged bully/extorter have a strong interest in maintaining the confidentiality of the allegations and relation information. The privacy of the complaining student, the individual(s) against whom the complaint is filed, and the witnesses will be respected as much as possible, consistent with legal obligations to investigate, to take appropriate action, and to comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and any discovery or disclosure obligations. As limited by FERPA protections, the principal or his/her designee may inform the complaining student/parents/guardians of the outcome of the investigation.


    Any student who retaliates against another student for reporting bullying or extortion or for assisting or testifying in the investigation or hearing may be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Health Records/Screenings

    Health screenings (vision, hearing, dental, sports physicals) are conducted throughout the school year. The parent/guardian and student are responsible for keeping up-to-date with all school health regulations and to take part, when necessary, in all health screenings. Please contact your student’s school nurse at Highlands High School 724-226-1000 ext. 4109 or at Highlands Middle School 724-226-0600 ext. 110 to find out the most appropriate time to schedule a screening.



    The parents/guardians and students are responsible for checking the goldenrams.com website for daily announcements. Announcements are also posted in Edgenuity.  Please read the announcements they are posted for student edification and contain germane information. Please refer to the Highlands School District calendar for important district information, annual policies, notices, initiatives, and school health procedures.


    Athletics / Extra-Curricular Activities

    Students enrolled in the Highlands Virtual Academy will have an opportunity to participate in Highlands extra-curricular programs consistent with students who are attending Highlands High and Middle Schools. Highlands Virtual Academy students who participate in district-sponsored, extra-curricular activities are subject to academic and attendance monitoring as per district, WPIAL, and PIAA policies and procedures. Highlands Virtual Academy students will be held to the same level of review based on the district’s Code of Student Conduct as Highlands School students, and participation and/or attendance at district-sponsored activities may be revoked at the discretion of Highlands School District Staff. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parents/guardians to contact the coach and find out when all games and practices are.


    PSSA / Keystone Exams

     All Highlands Virtual Academy students must participate in all local and/or state mandated assessments which are administered during the school day at Highlands High School or at Highlands Middle School. Highlands Virtual Academy students will be notified by the Highlands Virtual Academy staff when the tests are scheduled. If your student will be unable to attend please contact the main office to reschedule or to inquire about makeup exams times.  The HVA staff does not schedule Keystone or PSSA makeups.

  • School Counselor Services

    All Highlands Virtual Academy students continue to have access to their School Counselors as needed throughout the school year. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the School Counselor to schedule classes for the following school year. Please contact the guidance office to make an appointment. Also, please check with the guidance office as well as the goldenrams.com website for further information.


    Senior HVA Students

    It is the responsibility of the senior Highlands Virtual Academy student to provide any information necessary for graduation from Highlands High School. Please check the goldenrams.com website and the high school office for further information.

  • HVA Readiness Questionnaire

    Before enrolling in HVA, students should first assess your readiness for attempting online learning. Your answers to the following questions will help you determine what you need to do to succeed at online learning.


    Instructions: Select the most accurate response to each statement.


    1.  I have a really good reason for enrolling into cyber.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    2.  I finish projects I start.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    3.  I do not quit just because things get difficult.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    4.  I can keep myself on track and on time.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    5.  I learn new things fairly easily.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    6.  I can learn things I hear, like from a lecture, audio recordings, or podcasts.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    7.  I have to read something to learn it best.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    8.  I have developed effective skills to solve problems I run into.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    9.  I learn best when I am allowed figure things out for myself.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    10.  I like to learn in a group, but I can learn on my own as well.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    11.  I am willing to send e-mail to or have discussions with people I might never see.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    12.  I usually study in a place where I can read and work without distractions.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    13.  I can ignore distractions around me when I study.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    14.  I am willing to spend at least 15 hours a week on online courses.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    15.  I keep a record of what my assignments are and when they are due.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    16.  I plan my work in advance so that I can turn in my assignments on time.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    17.  When I study, people around me will help me work and not try to distract me.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    18.  I am willing to use e-mail and other online tools to ask my class.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    19.  I am fairly good at using the computer.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    20.  I am comfortable with using the internet.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    21.  I am comfortable conducting searching, setting bookmarks, and downloading files.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    22.   I know someone who can help me if I have computer problems.

    1. Totally Disagree  2. Somewhat Disagree  3. Unsure  4. Somewhat Agree  5. Totally Agree


    Total Score: _____________


    Download HVA Readiness Questionnaire

  • HVA Pre-Enrollment Meeting Form

  • Agreement For Use of School Property and Equipment Inventory Forms

  • WIU/HSD Internet Acceptable Use Policy

  • HVA 2018 - 2019 Handbook

  • HVA Terms to Know

    (not part of the print edition or download 2018-2019)


    Active Time: is the time a student spends on an activity up to submission for score. This time includes watching videos, answering questions, taking eNotes, reading transcripts or reviewing the Glossary. Active Time ends when an activity is completed and a score is assigned (from Edgenuity Support Community.) HVA students are required to log 3 hours minimum of active time daily for attendance purposes.


    Actual Grade: Is based on the work a student has completed compared to what should be, according the calendar and course map, completed by that point.  The actual grade is the best indicator of a student’s actual performance.  An HVA student’s actual grade will be affected negatively when being behind in their classes.


    Credit Recovery: Is only available for courses a students have unsuccessfully completed previously, but need to complete for graduation requirements.  Credit recovery courses include prescriptive testing, do not follow the nine weeks schedule, do not receive a grade, and can be completed in as little or as much time as a student needs.


    Idle Time: Is all time that is not active time while logged in to HVA.  Idle time includes time spent reviewing previously completed activities, time spent in the lobby, organizer, course maps, or while sending emails.  Idle time DOES NOT count towards an HVA student’s 3 hours minimum requirement for daily attendance.


    Internet Explorer: Is the browser currently recommended for use with Edgenuity.  If you are experiencing problems playing videos or loading activities make sure you are using Internet Explorer. (FYI Chrome and Safari seem to work okay with Edgenuity, Firefox does not, avoid using it.)


    Lobby: Is displayed immediately after an HVA student logs in to Edgenuity.  Links to HVA classes, current progress in each course, and grades are all displayed in the lobby.  The lobby also contains a link to the organizer.  Remember time spent in the lobby is considered idle time. 


    Organizer: Is accessible from the Lobby it allows access to reports (progress reports, scores, assignment calendar, eNotes, session logs), communications (email), and learning resources (calculator, fitness log, orientation video) Click “Power” to exit the organizer and return to the lobby, time spent in the organizer is considered idle time. 


    Overall Grade: Is based solely on the work that a student has completed.  Overall grades can be misleading if a student completed only one assignment earning a 100% the grade would be displayed as a 100% even if the student never completes another assignment.