Reading Mentor Program Continues at HHS

Highlands High School Library has been awarded a $2,000.00 grant from Target to implement a Reading Mentor Program in the upcoming school year.  High School librarian Mrs. Sandy Reidmiller initiated this program to promote literacy and teach vocabulary with the use of puppets.  The funds will help purchase a variety of puppets and be used to motivate and encourage reading by having high school students read, write scripts, and present puppet shows for preschool and elementary students in the school district and community.  The educational program is meant to get students excited and eager to learn as well as to become more involved.  Target offers 5% of their income to help the needs of the communities they serve as well as to provide an exceptional cultural experience and help inspire young minds.  Thank you, Target, for the opportunity to help Highlands students succeed and grow!
Article written by Brittany Fisher