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Former Flags at HMS Properly Retired

Highlands freshman Rebekah Young and 7th grader Ian Love completed the final step in the official process of retiring the former American flags from Highlands Middle School. "I placed the flags, that once proudly flew outside of our beloved school, in their final resting place. We made sure that the flags were given all respect they deserve," said Rebekah. The two students, who are also scouts, followed the proper procedure of burning the flags and burying the ashes.


According to guidelines, the fire should be large and hot to completely consume the flag. The flag should be unrecognizable as once being an American flag, and the ashes should be buried in a place they will never be unburied. "The fire was indeed large and hot and the ashes were buried in the scout Troop 186 designated burial site," said Rebekah.


At the end of last school year, Rebekah spearheaded the effort to obtain new flags for the Middle School. A flag retirement ceremony was held at the school on May 29, 2018 at which Rebekah spoke about what the American Flag represents and gave a small history of the flag. State Representative Frank Dermody presented Rebekah with two new flags for Highlands Middle School that day.


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