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Science Teacher Provides Online Telescopic Experience


Highlands teachers continue to retool and rework their curricula to discover creative ways to adapt to the “temporary normal" and provide a meaningful education for our students.  


Mr. Matt Sespico’s High School Earth and Space Science and Geology and Planetary Science students typically use telescopes in class, but it hasn’t always been possible due to the amount of remote learning days this year. Mr. Sespico found a way to provide a similar experience for the students by purchasing a camera of his own that connects to the telescope and to a laptop for "real time" viewing.  The photos show Mr. Sespico capturing close up images of the sun for the students to see online.


In addition, the Honors Geology and Planetary Sciences students had the opportunity to learn from CalU Geosciences Professor Dr. Kyle Fredrick, who helped facilitate a remote science lesson with Mr. Sespico. Both Dr. Fredrick and Mr. Sespico are members of the Pittsburgh Geological Society. 



Thank you, Mr. Sespico, for finding new ways to engage our students during remote learning!