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      Ms. Heather Bigney

    Welcome to Fairmount Primary Center, where our students are “Living to Learn and Learning to Live”.

    The staff at Fairmount is dedicated to working with our students’ families and the community to ensure that all of our students are meeting and exceeding their social, behavioral and academic potential. How can you be part of this process?

    Schedule days and times to come in and volunteer in our school and classrooms.  An extra set of hands is always welcomed and appreciated. Click here for clearances to volunteer!
    Talk to your child about his/her day each day after school.  Review materials brought home, including student work, notes, letters, etc.
    Communicate with your child’s teacher through folders, notes, email and phone on a regular basis.
    Work with your child to complete homework each evening.
    Talk about the “RAMS Rules” with your child and ask them to give you examples in different settings throughout the school
    Encourage and celebrate your child’s successes!
    Communication is essential as we build lasting relationships, with our students at the center of each and every one of those relationships. Throughout the school year please communicate with your child’s teacher in a way that is comfortable for you.

    Let’s put students first and make this school year one to remember!

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