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    Mrs. McKay (Motosicky)'s Message...



     A Special Message for My Students...

    ... Rejoice in YOUR struggles
    ... Since struggles produce PERSEVERANCE 
    ... That in turn produces CHARACTER and HOPE
    ... And HOPE never disappoints
    Look for opportunities to provide HOPE to those around YOU!
    YOU have a special gift - USE it!
    Life is too short so remember to SMILE! 
    Jennifer McKay (Motosicky)
    8th Grade Math - Securitas Team
    Email Address: jmckay@goldenrams.com
    Phone number: 724-226-2400 ext. 3172

    "Math is the Great Equalizer..."
    - Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver
    I received my degree from Indiana University of PA and am currently teaching Geometry and Geometry A.  I  serve as our Middle States Accreditation Internal Coordinator for the high school and Detention Supervisor.

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