• Highlands High School
    Student / Parent Handbook 

    The 2019-20 Handbook will be posted soon. 


    A Message to Students & Parents:

    The Student/Parent Handbook will acquaint students with Highlands High School policies, procedures, and practices for the school year.

    We hope that you will begin at once with a spirit of cooperation.  The faculty and administration will work with you to further your education, but you must realize that you, too, have responsibilities in this process.

    The information in the handbook has been derived from legal requirements and sound educational practices.  Accordingly, our school will be organized in such a way as to provide maximum opportunity for an orderly learning environment so that all students can achieve an excellent education.

    We trust that as you become further acquainted with Highlands High School, you will learn to respect its ideals and to take pride in calling it your school.  We look forward to working with you during this school year. Please take advantage of all we have to offer.