• Highlands High School English

    Summer Reading Assignments 2018-2019
    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

    Summer reading is an essential element of a good education. It has been proven that students who read four or more books over the summer are far more likely to score higher on rigorous reading-comprehension tests than their peers who read one or no books.[1] The “summer slide” of reading comprehension skills is cumulative, meaning if your child does not read throughout the summer, his or her literacy skills could fall more than two grade levels behind by the time they reach school in the fall[2].

    When we return to school in September, students should feel prepared to share their summer reading assignments. It is important that students be able to discuss the books they read with their teachers and peers. Assignments will be due upon arrival.

    Finally, we ask for your help. We ask that summer reading be a shared experience in your homes this summer and that you value the positive effects family literacy has on your child’s education. Please take the time to learn something new with your child this summer – read a book together and discuss what you have read. Encourage your child to start a “book club” with his or her friends. Make family trips to your local library a part of your summer routine!

    Enjoy your summer, get lost in some great books, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ryan Wilpula (English Department Leader) at rwilpula@goldenrams.com, or your student’s English teacher!


    All summer assignments are also viewable on District's Schoology Page.  You can access the link HERE

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