• Superintendent's Parent Cabinet Committee

    Simply put, the mission and purpose of the Superintendent’s Parent Cabinet Committee is Highlands Parents Working Together to Frame the Future for Our Children. There are parent representatives from each building that will be working with Dr. Mawhinney throughout the year in order to develop and establish priorities to proactively address systemic issues for the betterment of our students. Their role is to represent the parents of the building they serve; and as a committee, review and discuss the programmatic or systemic issues or ideas brought to them via an automated email system. The parent representatives will not address individual student, parent or building level issues, or act in the role as a Board of School Director. You should continue to contact the building teachers or principals for these matters.

    If you wish to provide feedback to the Parent Cabinet Committee, please use the automated email system and send your information to hsdparentcabinet@goldenrams.com. The feedback that is provided through the automated email system will be reviewed and discussed with the Parent Cabinet Committee during their meetings.


    Nov. 22, 2019 Minutes

    The Highlands School District Superintendent’s Parent Cabinet Committee

    Dr. Mawhinney, Superintendent                                        

    Ms. Dieseroth, HS Parent Representative

    Ms. Will-Hoover, MS Parent Representative                    

    Ms. Chambers, MS Parent Representative

    Ms. Screen, Elementary Parent Representative   

    Ms. Buckham, Early Childhood Center Parent Representative

    Ms. Brauch, Early Childhood Center Parent Representative