To become employed by Highlands School District, School Board policy requires that you must obtain the following state and federal clearances: 
    The Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Clearance can be obtained via the Internet at https://epatch.state.pa.us.
    The Pennsylvania Child Abuse report clearance can be obtained via the Internet at https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS. After submitting the application online, the clearance will usually take about 2 weeks.
    The FBI fingerprint clearance can be obtained via the Internet through https://www.identogo.com. The cost for this is $23.85. The Service Code is 1KG6XN. You must pay at the Indentogo Center and you may walk in or make an appointment.
    The Arrest / Conviction Report and Certification Form (Act 82) is also required. This form can be downloaded here. This form certifies that prospective or current employees, substitutes or student teachers have not been convicted of a list of serious crimes or of several other misdemeanor crimes within a certain period of time. It also certifies that the employee or substitute will notify their supervisor within 72 hours of being arrested. 
    Applicants must also submit a Highlands School District physical form available at the Administrative Center that is valid within one year and a tuberculosis test valid within six months of applying. Applicants also will submit to a pre-employment drug test if selected.
    The Mandated Reporter (Child Protective Law Services or Act 126) Training Certificate is required and is valid for up to 5 years after the training. Options to obtaining this certificate are:
    www.reportabusepa.pitt.edu Training is free on this site.
    The PA Family Support Alliance (www.pa-fsa.org) has several options. Any fee associated with these online options is your own responsibility.
    If you are a mandated reporter (all school employees are!) you must have at least 3 hours of training every 5 years. Volunteer coaches are not mandated to have the training; however, Highlands School District highly recommends that they do.