• Keyboarding Activities 

    Dance Mat Typing - Check out this cool typing program.  It introduces you to "Home Row" key typing.  "Home Row" typing has certain fingers on your right and left hands push different letter keys on the keyboard.   "Home Row" typing improves typing speed and accuracy.  Complete the program, complete the paper Mr. Lynch sent home in September, and be able to join fellow 5th graders at the Technology Ice Cream Party in May! :) Need a new paper to show you completed each Dance Mat Typing level?  No problem, come see Mr. Lynch!

    Websites and Online Activities Used in Class 

    Gamestar Mechanic - Learn about video game design and build your own games on this website.   Use the username and password created in class to login to your account.   If you can't remember what your username and password is, come see Mr. Lynch for this information.
    Code.org - This is a great website to introduce computer programming.  Check out all the neat activities that teach you about coding and how it works. Sign up to Code.org with a parent or guardian to access even more coding games and activities!