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     Senior Class of 2020
    Important Forms:



    Senior Salute AD FORM (2019-2020) - Deadline (2/3/2020)



    Senior Picture Requirement Form 



    Business AD Form  




    Senior Salute - Parent Ads 

    The yearbook staff has begun capturing the special, fun, and silly moments of Highlands High School.  We truly believe that this year’s yearbook will be a wonderful recollection of the memories made at HHS.  With that being said, the yearbook staff has started selling Senior Salute Ads for the 2019-2020 yearbook edition. 


    Senior Salutes: The staff provides parents/guardians an opportunity to publish a personal ad for their student showcasing their life, achievements, and memories. The ads can include a current picture, pictures of your student throughout their life, baby pictures, and a personal message to your student.  


    Included in this packet is an order form containing prices and additional information. When you turn your ad packet in, please submit all materials, desired pictures, personal messages and fees, in one envelope.  All photos, forms, and payments must be turned in no later than Monday Feb. 3, 2020.  

    Please download the SENIOR SALTUE AD FORM 2020 for guidelines. 


    Senior Class of 2020


    Senior PORTRAITS and ADS will be due Monday, December 2, 2019.  Submit to Mr. Wilpula, room B106.


    Senior Portrait Guidelines


    1. Our school photographer, Lifetouch, will be taking senior portraits on school picture day (October 7, 2019) at no charge to seniors. Please Note: All seniors are required to take a school photo on picture day. If a senior chooses to not use the school photo he or she may submit one taken by a different professional photographer of his or her choice. Remember that our publications are magazine quality printing, so please be advised that an amateur snapshot (cell phones, “selfies,” etc.) may not be submitted as a yearbook senior portrait.


    1. We suggest seniors, who plan to hire a professional photographer, allow time for processing, editing, and shipping. The senior portrait should be standard wallet size/resolution 300. Most photographers are familiar with the sizes. If they are uncertain about releasing a senior photo, please show them this letter or have them email Mr. Wilpula - yearbook@goldenrams.com for clarification.


    1. The senior portrait should be a photograph, not a drawing, avant-garde photo, or Photoshop Project. The student should be the focus of the photo. Photos with distracting elements and/or props such as large animals, cars, sunglasses, and extreme mechanical enhancements will not be approved.


    1. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: Photos MUST BEwaist up; VERTICAL, not horizontal; must be FACE FRONT HEADSHOTS, no sunglasses, no hand signals, no cell phone snap shots, low quality, blurry, or gritty snap shots.Paintings, drawings, art photography, and Photoshop Photography Creations will not be accepted. In addition to making sure that your Yearbook Portrait is VERTICAL, not lying down or upside down and cropped at least at your waistline, the dress code for senior portraits to be included in the yearbook.

    NOT considered suitable for publication are, but not limited to, the following:

    • No sunglass are to be worn in picture.
    • Others in the picture with the senior:  no children, spouses, friends, or relatives.
    • Attire which is not neat, clean and non- disruptive.
    • Clothing which does not cover the chest and upper torso.
    • Any apparel with rips or holes.
    • Weapons of any kind.
    • Anything that promotes, advertises, implies or suggests the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
    • Obscenity or lewdness.
    • Anything that is inflammatory in regard to race, religion or heritage.
    • Anything that identifies, promotes, or relates to gangs or gang affiliation.

    1. The senior portrait must be submitted in digital form. You have a variety of options.  You can send it via email to the YB at Yearbook@goldenrams.com or you can send it on either a CD/Flash Drive.  If you choose this method, please save the senior photo as the student’s first and last name (ex. JohnSmith).  Your photographer should be able to take care of this for you.


    Seniors and/or their parents may choose to have portraits taken as they desire; however the above specifications must be followed for the picture to be included in the yearbook.  Please review this list and keep these guidelines in mind when you schedule senior pictures.  Your cooperation is requested.


    Yearbook Questions:      Please contact Mr. Wilpula at yearbook@goldenrams.com or phone at x 2106

    Please click on the banner below to submit any photos of the 2019-2020 school year that you would like to have included in the yearbook. 
    Choose the COMMUNITY UPLOAD option and our access code is - yearbook 





    Local businesses are encouraged to advertise in the Aries Yearbook by purchasing AD space.  All proceeds are used to help offset the cost of the book for Highlands students.  Please download our AD FORM for more details! 
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