• Highlands High School English Department
    The Ram's Den Writing Center
    Highlands High School students may take advantage of the Ram's Den Writing Center, located in the upstairs library, across from room D201.
    What is the mission of the Ram's Den Writing Center?
    Our mission as part of the Department of English is to enrich the educational experience of HHS students through one-on-one support in various aspects of the writing process (from the planning stages to reviewing the grammatical rules of our language). We feel it is essential for students to master the ability to express themselves in writing for both inside of your educational career as well as after you enter the "real world". It is our goal to help you prepare for life by becoming a better writer.  We can teach you how to better understand your own writing process, how to work on your own writing, how to read and understand writing assignments, and how to proofread. 

    Students are welcome to visit the Writing Center at any time during your writing process. It is our hope that we can help you grow as a writer in one way or another whether you visit us once a year or once a week. Because our main interest is in helping you become a better writer, we will not write your papers for you and we will not edit or proofread papers for you. If we did this work for you, we would be violating our reason for being, and we would not be serving you as teachers. Instead, it is our goal to help teach you how to refine or develop these skills yourself.
    When can students visit the Writing Center?
    The center is open Monday through Friday. Please schedule a time between 7:00am - 3:00pm.
    Who will be there to help students?
    Certified English teachers and qualified student tutors may also be available.
    What do students need to utilize the Writing Center?
    1. Complete a contact form and be sent by a teacher or sign up on the sheet outside the Center.
    2. Bring a copy of your assignment.
    3. Have some questions prepared and some "pre-work" done.
    Why should students visit the Writing Center?
    1. To learn skills that will make you a better writer.
    2. The staff, accommodations, and new computer equipment are great!
    3. It's free help - why not?
    How can students become qualified Writing Center tutors?
    Go to your English teacher and apply. You will receive community service hours.
    For more information about the Ram's Den Writing Center, contact Mr. Wilpula at rwilpula@goldenrams.com.