GRADING POLICY- Mr. Schmitt


    Welcome to 8th grade and the Topaz Team! This year we will be discovering the history or our country from its birth to the time of Reconstruction. Below is information on the structure of the class, grading procedures, and general requirements. I am looking forward to a successful year for all.


    1. Tests

        *tests will be worth 100 points each


    2. Projects

        *projects will be worth either 50 or 100 points depending on the complexity of the assignment


    3. Homework

        *Textbook section reviews 10 points

        *all others as fits size and scope


    4. Participation

        Being prepared for class is directly related to success. Therefore, have a pencil, your textbook and a folder/binder for important papers and notes on a daily basis. Do not ask the teacher if you need your book. You need to have your book every day.


    5. Bonus points

        *Bonus points will be added to your point total when earned.


    6. Extra Credit

        *Extra Credit work will not be given, so please, DO NOT sit there and do nothing for 8 weeks and then ask the teacher if you can do make-up work. He will say NO!


    7. Make-up Work (illness or vacation)

        * Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. Upon returning from any absence, refer to the agenda mate, ask your teacher, or ask a friend. DO NOT wait until the end of the grading period, it will be too late!


    8. Grade Tracking

        *If you want to know your grade at any point during the year, refer to Progress Book.


    9. Contact information- kschmitt@goldenrams.com. Phone- extension 238.